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Treatment Options

treatment options

Damon® System

Damon System braces is a popular choice with many of our orthodontic patients. The brackets of the Damon System are self-ligating, meaning they do not use elastomeric or metal ties to hold the wires in the brackets. They move teeth into position with gentle forces, and only minimal discomfort. 


One of the biggest advantages to choosing the Invisalign straightening system is that the aligners used are clear and removable. The system uses a series of clear aligners that are also comfortable, and they also can straighten your smile in less time than traditional metal bracket braces. The treatment is virtually pain-free.

Surgical Orthodontics

For our patients who have more severe jaw irregularities, surgical orthodontics may be needed to straighten the jaw into alignment. When the jaw is properly aligned, a patient’s ability to breathe, speak, and chew are improved. Many of our surgical orthodontic patients also wear braces to ensure that their teeth either remain in their proper positions or to gradually move the teeth into position.

Dentofacial Orthopedics

Dentofacial orthopedics is the control and modification of facial growth. In a development child or adolescent, the growth of a particular jaw can be influenced with a  variety of different orthodontic appliances. These appliances help to correct a malocclusion, such as a large overjet or underbite. In many cases, this can work to avoid future surgical intervention. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of people, and it can actually become a serious health condition. If you or someone you know seems to always be sleepy, snores loudly or wakes up out of breath in the middle of sleeping, sleep apnea may be the culprit. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing ceases for short moments during sleep, and it can also be shallow or irregular breathing during sleep. Fortunately, this condition can be diagnosed and treated by a sleep specialist.

TMJ/TMD Treatments

If you have noticed that your jaw is sore or you hear clicks when chewing, you may have TMJ/TMD. This is Temporomandibular Disorder, and it is characterized by the joints in a person’s jaw becoming sore, which can also restrict the movement of the jaw. There are millions of people who suffer from these symptoms and others related to the condition, including recurring headaches, facial and neck pain. We can help treat TMJ/TMD and help relieve your symptoms.